As of December 22, 2016

Gross Box Office Receipts:
KRW 5.8 billion

Ticket Admissions:

Spackman Entertainment Group's two motion picture production and financing subsidiaries, namely, Zip Cinema Co., Ltd. (“Zip Cinema”), and Novus Mediacorp Co., Ltd. (“Novus Mediacorp”) are two of the most recognised film production labels in Korea, and have originated, produced, and financed some of Korea’s most commercially successful theatrical films for the past seven years. Our films are theatrically distributed and released in Korea and overseas markets, as well as for subsequent post-theatrical worldwide release in other forms of media, including cable television, broadcast television, IPTV, video-on-demand, and home video/DVD, etc. We release all of our motion pictures into wide-theatrical exhibition initially in Korea, and then in overseas and ancillary markets.

Zip Cinema has produced/presented and released a total of 10 theatrical motion pictures since their incorporation, some of which were among the top grossing films in Korea in recent years. Recent theatrical releases of our motion pictures include some of Korea’s highest grossing and award-winning films such as THE PRIESTS (2015), SNOWPIERCER (2013-2014), COLD EYES (2013), and ALL ABOUT MY WIFE (2012). In addition, for the past five years, Novus Mediacorp was the investor, presenter, and/or ancillary distributor for a total of 55 films (36 Korean and 19 foreign) including SECRETLY, GREATLY (2013), which was one of the biggest box office hits of 2013 starring Kim Soo-hyun of MY LOVE FROM THE STARS fame, as well FRIEND 2: THE GREAT LEGACY. In 2012, Novus Mediacorp was also the ancillary distributor of ALL ABOUT MY WIFE (2012), a top-grossing romantic comedy produced by Zip Cinema.

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